Advanced Water Conditioners




7 Labs is an Australian research & development company that produces commercial grade liquid concentrates for specialised industry applications. 


Our products are used in the wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture and fermentation industries and are available throughout Australia and New Zealand via our supplier network.


Our family also has independent businesses in Texas, USA and Minas Gerais, Brazil which operate R&D, manufacturing and supply to other international markets.


Classified as ‘Advanced Water Conditioners’ our commercial grade liquid concentrates are designed to maximise biological performance in aqueous environments and are produced via a proprietary process. Our products are eco-friendly, contain no dangerous chemicals or hormones, are colourless and odourless. They are also effective in aerobic, anaerobic, high temperature and various pH environments.

Our product lines include:

  • Stink Rid for Odour Control in Wastewater

  • Everest-150 for Improved Performance in Wastewater

  • AG-150 for Increasing Feed Conversion in Livestock & Poultry

  • J316 for Increasing Efficiency in Fermentation


We are a results driven business built on relationships, integrity and a unique technology.

We are passionate about families, communities and future generations.




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